Special events include birthday parties, baptisms, graduations, anniversaries, memorial services, grand openings and more. If you are wanting to add something special, we make it very easy to enjoy a memorable and moving Dove release on the important day.

Special Events Packages Available


Package A  -  Two (2) Doves released for an exciting start or finale of the event. All packages are great for parties, grand openings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, sporting games or any other events. $215.00


Package B  -  Ten (10) Doves released for a bigger wow! Your spectators will be amazed at your next special event. This package is great for businesses looking to create loyal customers and please their employees.   $269.00


Package C  -  Twenty (20) Doves in TWO separate baskets, strategically placed and released at your big event. With two baskets, you have the flexibility to release white Doves in different directions or different areas of your event. If you have a bigger event, this package might suit you well. $315.00...Most popular!


Package D  -  Thirty (30) Doves released from multiple baskets to create an incredible sight. No one will forget this moving experience at your event. This is a sight few get to witness in their lifetime. $379.00...Best value!


Package E  -  Fifty (50) Doves released from multiple baskets and locations at your special event. This is a sight few get to witness in their lifetime. $599.00


Package F  -  One Hundred (100) Doves released from the tailgate of our delivery truck. The ultimate package for your special event and absolutely awesome to see! $799.00...Incredible!

* Please contact us to discuss a Discount for Military and Law-enforcement servicemen. 

Our employees were ecstatic when they saw the doves. They were timed perfectly for the grand opening. We will definitely remember the day.
— Brian Schlatter, Owner

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