Yellow Day

I was contacted by Mrs. Connie Berry from Mann Elementary. They were looking for a Dove Release in memory of  Jocelyn Peters and her unborn child, that were murdered when she was 7 months pregnant. I remembered the news story and agreed to bring 2 doves to release in their honor.  Jocelyn was a school teacher at Mann Elementary and only 30 years old at the time of her death, last year. It was the last day of school this year, and the kids wanted to do something in memory of Ms. Peters.  They read the Dash Poem by Linda Ellis (Google it) it talks about the dash line between the year you were born and the year you die, Think about your DASH!  Obviously Ms. Peters left a very respectful DASH between her years. It was a honor to be able to fly our Doves for her. Peace Out 🕊️🙏 God bless.


White Doves for Baptisms Awesome!

We are proud to announce that we have recently released our doves for a Baptism. This was done at Journey Church in Troy MO.  Pastor Jesse was so receptive and excited to have our White Dove as a powerful visual at Baptism. The Holly Spirit appeared as a Dove when Jesus was Baptized as noted in the Bible, We feel honored to have been a part of this Baptism. Thank you Pastor Jesse for such a wonderful job explaining the entire event. This was another one of those wonderful, super rewarding experiences that the birds bring us. ☮️ God Bless 

Braveheart, our first responder Spirit Bird.

This is Braveheart, he was born with a single black feather over it's heart. We try to only breed solid white birds but occasionally we will get one with a black feather. We were called to fly our Doves At a Funeral for a Police Officer from the St Clair Police Department when I realized how appropriate it would be to use Braveheart as our Spirit Bird for Officer Shanna Lane and then again for Officer Blake Snyder from the St Louis County Police Department. It was our honor to have flown our birds for them.

Beautiful Clean White Doves, for hand release, behind the scenes.

We know that most people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of a professional Dove Release Service. Here's a few things that we consider, Bird "Poop." No one wants to see it, more less talk about it so we start the day before your event, timing their feeding schedule to reduce the amount of waste to begin with, and then we transport our birds in our transport - training carriers to your location. Then at the last possible moment, we transfer our freshly bathed White Rock Doves into the ceremonial release baskets so that you and your guest have a plesent, clean experience that everyone will remember.

Happy Bride

It was a perfect day for a wedding here in St. Louis. Kelley O'Hara and Josh Wilkerson were joined in Holy matrimony outside of the mother of the bride's home with plenty of family and friends in attendance. The couple released a pair of Doves at 4:25 PM Saturday and were very pleased with the crowd reaction. After the service, Kelley told me she grew up with birds in the house and was a bird lover. That makes two of us. I am glad to have met her and her new husband Josh. Thank you for your business!

- Greg